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Bitcoin is Everywhere

Everywhere you look, people are talking about Bitcoin on social media, the news, videos, and many more platforms. You may even have a friend or relative that has spoken to you about using cryptocurrencies! If you haven't considered the possibility of trying out Bitcoin as a payment method, keep reading to learn more.

First, it's important that you understand how Bitcoin works and how you can use it. This is a cryptocurrency, which is a fairly new type of currency on the market. Bitcoin is popular because it's a decentralized coin, which means that you have complete control over how that money is used for your international transactions; there are no local or international regulations for using this cryptocurrency.

The fact that you don't have to deal with regulations on each transfer might make Bitcoin a fair competitor to fiat currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, and many others. However, Bitcoin wasn't well-received when it first appeared in 2009. Many people claimed that it wasn't safe, that it promoted illicit operations, etc.

Most of these claims were false, but there just wasn't much information about cryptocurrencies back then. While Bitcoin had a rough start at first, it has evolved positively over the years, and it's now becoming a more legitimate payment method for international transactions.


Getting Bitcoin isn't as complicated as you may think. The direct way to get it would be to purchase it on any exchange platform, but there are those who prefer to mine Bitcoin or go into trading platforms and invest their money in crypto.

  • You can go with the method you feel more comfortable with; if you don't have much experience with Bitcoin and want to test it out first, you can purchase it in exchange for fiat currencies. Alternatively, if you want to take it a step further, you can go with mining or trading.
  • Mining involves verifying Bitcoin transactions worldwide and getting a percentage gain from that process. This requires time and machine power, so if you don't have a powerful computer, this may not be a great option for you.
  • Trading is the most time-consuming process on the list, so it needs dedication and patience. It involves speculating on Bitcoin's price at a certain point in the future and executing trades based on prior market analysis. You don't need powerful equipment to trade, but you need investment and time to investigate market behavior to understand what you're doing.
  • Regardless of the method you use to get Bitcoin, it’s stored on private, digital wallets. These wallets are accessed by using a private key that's given to the user when they open it for the first time. Bitcoin wallets are heavily encrypted, so make sure that you store that digital key somewhere safe, or else you may be at risk of losing your funds.

What Does Bitcoin Trading Involve?

Moving on to Bitcoin trading now, since that’s the method the platform is based on. Trading can vary depending on the asset you're managing, for example, if you're trading on currencies, you trade on them in pairs, such as USD/EUR or CAD/GBP, )but if you trade on gold, that’s a whole different ball game.

As mentioned above, Bitcoin trading involves speculating on the value of that particular cryptocurrency at some point in the future. Keep in mind that most cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so it's virtually impossible for anyone to accurately predict the value it's going to reach.

However, if you know how to analyze market behavior and interpret trading signals, you may have a better chance of predicting Bitcoin's value. Improving your decision-making skills is key if you want to become a better trader in the future.

The hardest step to becoming a good trader is the first one. If you start trading by yourself, you may feel overwhelmed with all the information around you, making you feel confused as to what to do. You also need to dedicate a lot of time to monitoring market data to find appropriate trades; if you don't do this, you may miss good trading opportunities.

With all of this in mind, it's safe to assume that trading isn't for everyone since it's quite demanding. Luckily, trading platforms have come to change that, allowing every type of user to learn the fundamentals of trading.


Profit Revolution is a trading platform made for beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders worldwide. Its primary purpose is to make trading more accessible and straightforward. While a trading platform may seem like a complicated concept, it's rather easy to explain how it works. Overall, this is what Profit Revolution does:

It provides you with all the information you need to start trading and learn on the go by being a one-stop shop for you to make market analyses and create your trading strategy.
It enables you to share your trading preferences and parameters with your account manager, so he / she may provide you with information and give you a heads up about upcoming trading options based on those parameters.
It is accessible anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection, so you can make trades whenever a suitable one arises.



Profit Revolution comes with several features that can hopefully make trading sessions easier for you. While making trading more accessible is the platform’s primary focus, there are other features that can help you dive into market analysis and become more accustomed to making trading decisions.

Up-to-date Research Features

Having all the vital charts and market data neatly organized in front of you helps you make proper research in less time than if you had to do it alone. Moreover, not everyone trades in the same way, and some may implement more complex trading strategies than others. With the Profit Revolution research engines constantly updated, you can adapt your trading strategy to match the latest market trends.

Device Compatibility

Profit Revolution is web-based and therefore totally compatible with any computer, smartphone, or tablet that has an active internet connection. Regardless of which device you use to access the platform, all the features are accessible to you.

Keep in mind that the platform’s desktop version may be more comfortable for most traders, but if you don't have a computer nearby, you can still access it from your phone at any time.

Your Account Manager

If you sign up to open an account, you’ll be connected to a broker’s website to login and gain access to the platform. You can use the help of your account manager in various ways. First and foremost, you can share your trading preferences and limitations with your account manager so he / she can notify you when trading options come up to suit your criteria. But more than that, you can also ask your account manager to help you adjust your trading strategy if something isn’t working right. And most of all, remember that your account manager is there for you.

Intuitive User Interface

The easier it is to understand, the better the experience might be! Regardless of your trading level, you can easily navigate the Profit Revolution user interface. This is possible because the team studied the most appropriate ways to show you all the information in a way that didn't feel invasive.

While you are advised to review the information as closely and carefully as possible, with Profit Revolution, you're going to have a pleasant navigation experience, making it easier for you to learn as you go.

How to Sign Up for Profit Revolution

Profit Revolution is generally free for everyone! If you're not signed up already, and you wish to do so, you can join by following these easy steps:

Step 1.
Creating Your Account

Just fill out the registration form on this website, it takes just a few minutes, as all you need to enter is your contact information: full name, e-mail address, phone number, and to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

After you enter your basic information, wait for l the team to reach out with a verification link. This process is usually quite straightforward. Once you click on that link, you’ll be connected to your broker’s website, where you log in with the credentials you chose upon registration, and you’ll be redirected to the platform.

Step 2.

Now that you are officially registered to the platform, you can explore it at your leisure.

Inside the platform, you'll find various features and funding options for you to review. It’s best to review everything carefully, to start learning the ins and outs of trading and analyzing the market, and also to share your parameters and limitations with your account manager, so he / she may find the trades that best suit your criteria.

Step 3.
Start Trading

Your trading journey begins here, but before you start your first live trading session, you will need to fund your account with a minimum deposit of $250. Once you do that, the straightforward interface can help you analyze the market trends so you could start practicing your trading skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people feel skeptical when it comes to trading platforms, and that’s quite normal! It is always advisable to get as much information as possible before choosing a particular platform. If you have any pending questions regarding Profit Revolution, make sure to read this FAQ list. Any additional information that may be of interest to the first-time user could be found here.

Can You Trade from a Portable Device?

Absolutely! You can decide when, where, and how you're going to use Profit Revolution. If a smartphone or tablet is your preferred choice for trading on the go, this platform is right here for you.

Is Trading Risky?

Trading always involves risks, as you're essentially speculating on the price of Bitcoin. Since there's no way to predict its exact value, you're exposed to making decisions that may not fit your goals.

That's why the team strongly recommends that you keep reading and researching market data to know what your possible best move can be at a particular time. Even if you use Profit Revolution as your primary trading platform, you need to be as informed as possible to understand what you're doing.

How Much Time Do You Need to Become a Good Trader?

There's no general answer to this question since the time may vary from person to person. The more consistent you are with the platform and your market research, the better you may become, for the simple reason that practice makes perfect.

Keep in mind that only using the platform is not a guarantee of becoming a good trader. Trading is also about constantly gaining knowledge that can influence your decision-making process. If you truly want to get better at trading, you should start by analyzing market behavior and tendencies.


Using a trading platform is just the first step to hopefully becoming a better trader. If you put in the work, you can try to enhance your trading skills and hopefully make better financial decisions.

If you want to sign up and discover all the possible benefits that Profit Revolution has to offer, fill out the registration form!

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