Number # 4

Our story

One Monday evening in late 2016, Ricky, who is the founder, received a call from one of his childhood friends. 

It was someone who did business in Hollywood.

He told Ricky that he was at a private party in Beverly Hills, and some of the guests in attendance were talking about cryptos.

He pointed out that they wanted to learn more about it, and he had mentioned to them that he was friends with a crypto trading guru who lived nearby.

They were really interested to hear from the crypto guru. 

By the way, Ricky hates people thinking of him as a crypto guru.

But everyone who knows him thinks he is. In part, because he has made a fortune for himself trading cryptos, and other blockchain assets.

He left Wall Street in early 2010 when not so many people there knew anything about cryptos.  He went on to use the knowledge, skills and experience he had acquired for slightly over ten years to build trading processes that have worked well with the new asset class.

Ricky has always been more of a loner, and also one who enjoys being a private citizen with not so many people being aware of him.

But now a friend was asking him to go over and give people he did not know the info about the world of crypto assets.

Ricky didn't feel like leaving his house. He was hesitant, but his friend sounded like he would be really disappointed if he didn't show up.

This is someone he really respected, and considered very reliable.

Today Ricky is grateful that he did not turn down the invite.

He picked his coat, hopped into his new Lamborghini Aventador S and sped there.   

The birth of Profit Revolution

When he reached the home where his friend was, he was surprised to see who was present.

All the six people present were really big celebrity names even in Hollywood standards.

It is the kind of people even he, Ricky, with all the money he had made, never imagined meeting.

Because of the non-disclosure agreement, we have with them, unfortunately, we cannot give you the names. Ricky and his hosts had a discussion that lasted throughout the night.

Everyone in attendance was impressed by the potential the crypto innovation presented. 

They also found Ricky’s long involvement with the industry very reassuring.

They all wanted a piece of it, and they wanted Ricky to not only help them get in, but also be the one to manage their investments.

Initially, Ricky was hesitant to accept to help beyond giving information.

First, he had never managed anyone else crypto investments. Second, he was contented with what he was doing—managing his own portfolio.

But slowly he saw an opportunity to build a side business and also help others discover the power of crypto to change lives.

He was persuaded and Profit Revolution was born that night.

The next week the company was registered in California as a private investment company.

And it already had six of the biggest names in Hollywood as its first batch of clients.

Growth and a look into the future

In the first six months, the company was busy setting up systems, getting new technologies and hiring the best brain to oversee its operations. 

But even then, Profit Revolutions managed to provide huge returns on investment for its initial clients. 

In total, the six individuals made about $60 million in the first six months. It was way more than they expected. And they’ve made way more since.

The six went on to become the company’s most passionate ambassadors. 

They have introduced many of their friends in Hollywood to Profit Revolution.

The company has experienced so much growth since its launch, and it has become an open secret in Hollywood.   With the growth, the company has had to deal with new expectations

Its core clientele has remained to be top celebrities with cash they need to multiply without much hustle.

From the moment word started going out about the operations of the company, requests to join in from all kinds of people have been flowing in.

We don't accept everyone who wants to join, but we try as much as possible to be accommodative.

And it is for this reason that we’ve always invested in developing systems that give us the capacity to always do more. 

We’ve always only accepted systems that deliver, are responsive to our high-level clientele and can withstand high amounts of stress.

Ricky has managed to put together a team of reliable experts to help with the execution of both short and long term plans.

He has also been joined by other investors and now the overall management of the company falls under a very capable board of directors.

It is only after proofing our systems can handle it that we thought we could take in ordinary people with a disposable income.

Today, 60% of our portfolio is from high-level celebrities.

The rest is for anyone who wants to be part of the crypto revolutions and wants to leverage the good name we have to maintain with our high-level clientele.

If you want to make money where celebrities have trusted then we are open to being your trusted partner.

To get started, simply fill in the form and you will be contacted by a profit expert who will help you to open your free account and become part of a robust investment community.